Know the Difference between the Features of 10Cric and GetMega
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Know the Difference between the Features of 10Cric and GetMega

Don’t we all want to increase our bank balance to live the life we have always dreamt of? In this age of work from home, anyone can earn real money instantly simply by playing online fantasy games. In the last few years, we have witnessed the emergence of several virtual sports betting platforms that enable users to gamble on the go and win cash rewards.

This article casts light on two popular online fantasy cricket applications (10Cric and GetMega) and their noteworthy features. Both these apps give you the chance to make your fantasy cricket team leveraging your skills and knowledge. You can keep the same team or make changes whenever you wish to virtually participate in different cricket league matches.

You will earn the maximum reward points and win cash prizes worth thousands or lacs if your virtual cricket team performs better than other participants’ teams. You need not worry at all as both 10Cric and GetMega fantasy cricket apps transfer the entire winning amount to winners’ registered wallets within 24 hours.

Now, without further ado, let’s head straight to the section where we will learn about the differences between the key features of the aforementioned two fantasy sports apps.


  • Leaderboard:On the basis of the total points collected, the placing of eligible participants on the leaderboard takes place. Participants can view the leaderboard in real-time. This facility lets them stay informed of the points they earn and understand how they are doing during a cricket contest.
  • User Interface– A team comprising proficient app designers and UX professionals maintains the 10Cric platform to ensure that no user experiences any difficulties while they make their fantasy cricket team and compete. The team makes necessary changes based on users’ feedback so that the app runs better, faster, and more smoothly.
  • Game Play– You will find that the default sports page consists of different online betting sports contests, winning prizes, and details of every single game. On this platform, ongoing and upcoming competitions are on the left panel. You won’t face any issue choosing from multiple sports categories.
  • Player Numbers– Only real players can take part in fantasy sports games on this app and make money daily. Each player has to be or above 18 years old. Aside from its exhilarating online prediction games and excellent rewards, it has earned popularity because of the top-notch security it ensures.
  • Game Types– 10Cric doesn’t only offer users to take part in online fantasy cricket league matches. It is renowned for offering hundreds of casino games that one can play virtually and win cash prizes. You can also play Slots, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, and Roulette.


  • Leaderboard– On the GetMega platform, you can view the leaderboard 24X7 for any online card and casual games that you play. Topping the leaderboard is possible when you play or win. Apart from the daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards, this particular fantasy app also boasts flash leaderboards.
  • User Interface– Most fantasy gamers believe that GetMega has the most amazing and intuitive user interface and offers a praiseworthy user experience. On this app, you will experience both horizontal and vertical gameplay depending on the game you play. Interacting with each game and earning points and money can’t get easier.
  • Game Play– This particular fantasy sports-based application ensures that every user experiences maximum fun and entertainment when they play games online. You can be more focused while gambling online here as it has successfully displayed each element of every game in an optimal way.
  • Player Numbers– Quite similar to 10Cric, GetMega also allows only real players (no bots). It verifies players using either the contact number or Fb profile. This fantasy games platform has over 50K monthly active players. The app is 100% safe, secure, and verified.
  • Game Types– Besides fantasy cricket league games, you can also play multiple cards, casual and trivia games, and win real cash prizes on the GetMega app.

So, now that you know the differences between some of the main features of both these online gaming apps, choosing the best one won’t be a challenge for you. Remember, GetMega offers rupees five as a bonus if you sign up today!